Tie Scarf

Imaginary Fox


Cream and Violet

Crêpe de Chine 100% Silk | 75 gr/m²
10.5 cm x 206 cm
Only few left with this lining
Once upon a time...

...there was a Fox. It was not a fox like other foxes, it was an Imaginary Fox. It only existed in the dreams and thoughts of a Little Hare, who sometimes ran so fast that he overtook himself. You have to be really very fast for that.
One day while the Little Hare was hiding in the bushes, his Imaginary Fox began to speak to him. Trembling with fear, the first time the Hare didn’t understand a single word the Fox had said to him. Then, seeing that the latter did not try to munch him, he recovered his composure and finally distinguished his words. This Fox, great and ferocious, just wanted to play with him! The Little Hare accepted on the spot. And they ran together through the underbrush, between raspberries, veils and mushrooms.

The drawing and the colors

Inspired from a range of colors from a twenties pattern, this scarf presents two distinct sides. On the front, two great purple foxes race under a rain of multicolored leaves. The back is filled with a raspberry motif, drawing its inspiration from the Arts and Crafts movement. With its multitude of colors, this scarf will easily ornament all your outfits.

Technical information

All our scarves are drawn by hand. They are printed in Switzerland on a 100% Silk Crêpe de Chine.
Then they are sewn in France in my small studio in Nice.

Care Instructions

We recommend that you handle your scarf with care. This accessory requires high-quality dry-cleaning only. If necessary, you can iron your scarf on the ‘silk’ setting.
Please store your scarf untied, and make sure your jewelry or other accessory don’t catch on the threads.


Your scarf will be shipped within 2 to 3 working days, so that we can give maximum care to the preparation of your order in its beautiful green box adorned with ribbon.

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