Silk Scarf

Tiny mouse, stay at home!


Beige and blue-grey

100% Silk Twill
90 cm x 90 cm
Out of stock with this lining
Once upon a time...

...there was a Mouse. One night, while she was about to prepare her dinner, the little mouse realized that her refrigerator was completely empty. Basically, it was a tidy and well-organized mouse, but her week had been so hard and busy that she completely forgotten to run some errands.

She didn’t really want to venture out into the night, but she was really really hungry. So she went outside and carefully hid the entrance to her home with little dried twigs. She looked at the moon, which was full and threatening, and prayed that her ancient, silent, and unpredictable enemy had gone to visit the other side of the forest.

‘You should have stayed home,’ she said to herself, ‘watch out, little mouse!’ ‘

The drawing and the colors

The Twill version of the "Tiny Mouse, stay at home" scarf plays camouflage with Parisian shades, in a spectrum of bluish grays and beiges. Wrapped around the neck, it reveals on the majestic plumage and the little mice running all along the border. Sometimes, between the folds, you’ll catch a glimpse of the shining yellow eyes. When draped over the shoulders, the great horned owl makes its royal appearance, protecting you with his massive wingspan.

Infos techniques

All our scarves are drawn by hand. Then, they are printed in Italy, in Como on a 100% Silk twill, with rolled hem.

Conseils d’entretien

We recommend that you handle your scarf with care. This accessory requires high-quality dry-cleaning only. If necessary, you can iron your scarf on the ‘silk’ setting.

Please store your scarf untied, and make sure your jewelry or other accessory don’t catch on the threads.


Your scarf will be shipped within 2 to 3 working days, so that we can give maximum care to the preparation of your order in its beautiful green box adorned with ribbon.

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