Silk Pouches

The King of the Forest


Blue on beige and pink background

100% Silk Crepe
Lining: Cotton Jacquard
19 cm x 13 cm x 4 cm

Silk Pouch reinforced with light volume interlining, with a brass metallic zipper, decorated with a large pompom.

Hand drawn in France and printed in Switzerland. Made by hand in France.
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Each pouch is accompanied by its cotton bag, screen printed by hand. If you wish that I send you your pouch with a different coton bag, please scroll to personalization
Out of stock with this lining
Once upon a time...

There was a Hare. Like all hares, he wasn’t very big but had very long, pretty ears that twirled behind him when he ran. One day, as he followed the slow, sluggish conversation of two snails blocking the path, his curiosity was awakened.

The two companions were talking about the latest forest news. It appeared, according to an ancient prophecy, that a four-leaf clover, growing only once in a century, had appeared. Whoever found it would reign over the forest. He understood then why the whole forest had been restless the past few days.

Pensive, he continued on his way without taking heed, which soon brought him face to face with a large red Fox. The tormented pursuit exiled him to a small bush surrounded by trees, without any visible exit. The Fox approached, knowing his prey to be stranded and without hope.
Suddenly, the Hare saw a small green glimmer at his feet; it was the Clover. He seized it and promptly brandished it before the eyes of the Fox who knelt before his new king.

Technical information

Pouch 100% Silk, fleece inside Vlieseline H630, lined with fine white 100% cotton jacquard.
Fine brass metallic zipper, decorated with a large tassel.

All designs are drawn by hand. They are printed in Switzerland on a high quality 100% Silk Crêpe de Chine, then sewn in France by me, in my small studio in Nice.

Each pouch is accompanied by its small cotton bag, screen printed by hand.


If you wish to choose a different cotton bag, then specified on fourth photo, just drop me a little message on, (please don't forget to mention your order number):
– Off-white with Black Tree
– Dark blue with Light Blue Tree
– Gray with White Tree
– Off-white with Light Blue Tree

As about tassels ^_^ you have following options:
– "Treasure hunter" – light blue tassel OR white tassel
– "Cat's Life" – black tassel OR light yellow tassel
– "Alice" – golden tassel OR light yellow tassel.


Your Pouch will be shipped within 1 to 3 working days, so that we can give maximum care to the preparation of your order.

Care Instructions

Dry cleaning or gentle washing by hand. It is recommended to remove the pompon before washing, or to protect it from water.

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